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Longfellow students in front of mural
Long Fellow Students
Longfellow Elementary kids and teacher
Longfellow and a kid

Longfellow Magnet

Students at Longfellow Magnet learn to be global citizens as they discover different cultures, celebrate diverse perspectives and develop critical thinking skills.

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Longfellow Magnet has partnerships with the Pasadena Conservatory of Music. Students from TK-5th grade have weekly lessons with their highly accomplished faculty members. Longfellow students can choose from percussion, string, choral or keyboard classes. Our partnership with The Lightbringer Project provides us an Artist in Residence during the school day and after school twice a week.


I love the diversity of the student population at Longfellow! It's great to have my kids immersed in such a rich, varied environment. I love the myriad of activities both during and after school - gardening, art, cultural enrichment, music, more music, clubs, sports, et al. - there are more activities available than any one child can participate in! Current Longfellow parent


Award-winning Staff at Longfellow Magnet School. Their dedication, passion and unwavering commitment to nurturing young minds truly makes a difference in the lives of our students. Each member of the Longfellow staff plays a vital role in creating a positive and enriching learning experience for our students!


The school leadership at Longfellow is superb, from the principal on down! The principal, staff, and teachers are experienced, knowledgeable, collaborative, good listeners, and champions for the success of all students. 

The thing I enjoy the most about Longfellow is the feeling of a 100% inclusive community. There are so many great events, projects, and resources and it truly feels like every last student and family is warmly welcomed to take part in everything.

- Longfellow Parent

Why Longfellow?


Longfellow Magnet is unique in that we offer both Spanish Immersion classes as well as General Education classes with Spanish exposure lessons. All students engage in music classes led by the Pasadena Conservatory of Music as well as Art teachers from the Lightbringer Project.

Longfellow students become resilient lifelong learners who are creative and innovative problem solvers for themselves and the world.


Cultivating a diverse and inclusive atmosphere that values all students and their individual backgrounds and perspectives. At Longfellow, all of our caring teachers and staff share the belief that all children can learn and be successful. To this end, we provide engaging, rigorous, and differentiated instruction in a safe and nurturing environment. Fostering a love of learning and giving students a voice and choice are key principles that drive our daily decisions


Our unique Magnet Program provides a culturally innovative curriculum that represents the global value of education. We foster critical thinking in an ever-changing world. Students embrace diversity and thrive in an inclusive community where each student's uniqueness is celebrated.

Students participate in art, music, PE, and Spanish language opportunities throughout the school day. After School opportunities include chess club, sports, art, and music.


Longfellow Magnet offers a variety of resources and services to all of our students and families. Our goal is to provide equity in delivering academic, physical, social-emotional, and mental health services to ensure a positive and successful school experience that connects families with all school and community members.

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