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General Information

Mission Statement

Mission Statement: 

At Longfellow Spanish Language and Cross-Cultural Awareness Magnet, our mission is to cultivate an inclusive, caring learning community where students become engaged learners, fostered by their perseverance, courageous expression, and commitment to kindness. Through a rigorous curriculum that facilitates critical thinking and advocacy, students become catalysts for positive change.  We are committed to nurturing individuals who actively contribute to their community by displaying empathy, confidence, and awareness of others’ perspectives.


Longfellow Spanish Language and Cross-Cultural Awareness Magnet is an inclusive community that aspires to develop an environment of responsible multilingual scholars who practice empathy and are contributing global citizens that have confidence in themselves and an appreciation for others.  As resilient lifelong learners, they are creative and innovative in solving problems for themselves and their world.

Revised 6/20 EI